Name/surname University Field of Internship Year
Amelia Huntsman Oberlin College 2023
Lukas Daley Oberlin College 2023
Theo Schenck Oberlin College 2023
LEVAN TSIRGVAVA Global Politics & Social Science King's College London Foundation Degree in Science 2023
Yasmine Rayyis London School of Economics and Political Sciences 2023
Victoriano Vicente Botella Berenguer University of Glasgow Security, intelligence and strategic studies 2023
Sophia Sorcigli International relations Boston University 2023
Maya N. Rabin Amherst College Political Science 2023
Manelle Lepoix Jagiellonian University (Krakow) Sciences Po Strasbourg- 2023
Lukas Baake University: London School of Economics 2023
Tanguy Martignolles University: Glasgow and Tartu universities + exchange in Ilia state 2023
Volodymyr Posviatenko University: University of Padua (Italy) 2023
Chiara Minora University: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s (Glasgow) 2023
Mamuka Maisuradze University of Groningen International Political Economy 2023
Hannah Bae Williams College, Major in Political Economy and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL Notable Coursework: Econometrics; Behavioral Economics & Public Policy; AP Statistics; AP Microeconomics; Photography; Digital Art 2023
Rachel Mohr University of Tartu and University of Glasgow Tartu, ES; Glasgow, UK ○ International Master in Central, East European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies Aug 2021 – Sep 2023 ● Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia ○ BS International Affairs, GPA 4.0 Aug 2017 – May 2021 ○ Russian Studies Minor, Public Policy Minor Public policy training to policymaking and democracy building in Georgia. The effects of Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine on Georgian society, particularly in Abkhazia and South Ossetia 2022
Harold Chambers Int. M Central and Eastern European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, Class of 2023, University of Tartu, University of Glasgow, and Ilia State University Williams College, June 2020. 3.29 GPA B.A. Russian Major, Global Studies Minor (Russian and Eurasian Studies track) University of Edinburgh, September-December 2018 Indiana University, Summer 2019. 3.70 GPA Intensive Advanced Russian language program Tactical evolutions of modern Chechen resistance, beginning with the Ichkerian government-in-exile and going until today’s online movement “1ADAT.” What happens if/when the Putin-Kadyrov contract ends?” (i.e., what might post-Putin and post-Kadyrov versions of Chechnya look like), Georgia’s repetitive use of North Caucasus militant groups despite their demonstrated threat, the impact of North Caucasus paradoxical stabilization on Georgia 2022
Eshel Rosen University of Glasgow: Erasmus Mundus IntMA in Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies Chinese foreign policy influence via economic investment in the Caucasus and Central Asia 2022
Nathaniel Matala American University School of International Service: MA in International Affairs, US Foreign Policy Russian disinformation/propaganda in Central Asia 2022
Carole-Louise Ashby University of Oxford: MPhil in Russian and East European Studies Dissertation topic: ‘Reassessing the determinants of Russian foreign policy during and after the Russo-Georgian war of 2008.’ In light of the current war in Ukraine, I am looking at the factors that might help explain Russia’s differentiated foreign policy in Georgia versus Ukraine. 2022
Emma Smeyers University of Glasgow: Erasmus Mundus IntMA in Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies University of Montreal (Université de Montréal) graduate (MA, political science, August 2021) The balancing game of Georgia’s “power brokers” between the West and Russia (Specific focus on: Russia’s “linkage” and “leverage” in Georgia; Georgian Dream members’ internal and external networks) 2022
William Runkel University College London: MA Economy, State, Society: Politics & Security of the Russian Federation Russian political and military Influence in Georgia since the 2008 war, and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War on Russia’s ability to carry-out influence efforts in Georgia 2022
Clara Ribeiro Assumpcao University of Glasgow, Dublin City University, Charles University Russian Influence in Georgia 2019
Erin Brousseau Columbia University Energy Role as Function of Balancing Strategies in International Relations in the Caucasus 2019
Yuriy Sarukhanyan Lyon University/Jean Monnet University Uzbekistan's Strategy in Afghanistan 2019
Nurbek Bekmurzaev University of Geneva Digital Transformation in Kyrgyzstan 2019
Lizi Chinchilakashvili Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA 2019
Nutsa Chinchilakashvili Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA 2019
Lucie Goulard Mcgill Univeristy in Montreal, Canada People's Perception of Russia and the EU in Georgia (How It Translates in the Use of Languages for Example) 2019
Olivia Hayward Tufts University Influence of Russian Propaganda on Georgia’s Diplomatic Relations During the 2008 War 2019
Maia Nikoladze Clark University, Worcester, MA Energy Dependence and Foreign Policy: Analyzing Small States of the Former Soviet Union 2019
Nikola Xaviereff University of Sarajevo Analysis and Comparison of EU's Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy in Contested Post-Conflict Societies: Case Study Bosnia and Georgia 2019
Stefano Piroddi University of Bath, University of North Carolina, Freie Universitat Berlin Identity in Post-Conflict Countries 2019
Juliette Ondet Glasgow, Dublin and Prague Radicalisation and Deradicalisation Process in Adjara and Guria 2019
Hollis Rammer Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts Russia's Relationship with Georgia 2019
Mahmoud Hajo Uppsala University Russian and Georgian Economic Relations 2019
Frederique Butez Universite de Rouen Pankisi Valley (Relation with Georgian State) 2019
Stina Aava University of Tartu, Tartu (Estonia) "Recurrence of the same conflict? : a comparative analysis of Georgian wars in 1921 and in 2008" 2019
Augusto Dala Costa University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies 2019
Rossana Bernardi University of Tartu (EE), University of Glasgow (UK), Ilia State University (GE) Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies 2019
Harold Chambers Williams College, USA Potential Consolidation of the North Caucasus Republics and Its Implications for Russo-Georgian Relations 2019
Phillip Yonge The University of the South Trans-Caspian Trade, Belt Road Initiative and Utilizing Georgia's Position as a Transit Country 2018
Bill Harney Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Political Economy of Georgia 2018
Emily C. Gary American University Russian Propaganda 2018
Brian J Stonecipher American University, School of International Service Identity in the Caucasus 2018
Henrik Horne University of Glasgow Georgia's Transition from a Conventional Electricity Grid to an Interconnected IP Smart Grid 2018
Victor Le Grix College of Europe in Natolin EU-Georgia Relations 2018
Aleksander Stenhjem Polovinkin Queen Mary University of London Georgia's Role as a Transit-country for Azerbaijani Gas 2018
Sylvan Perlmutter Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY) Russian-Latin American Relations and Nicaragua and Venezuela's Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia 2018
Florian Xaver Philipp Fuchs European University Viadrina - Frankfurt (Oder) State-Building in Abkhazia 2018
Benjamin Cooper Tufts University - Medford, MA Changes in the US-Georgian Relationship from Obama to Trump 2018
Austin J. Clayton Stanford University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies Investment Risk and Private Equity Oppurtunities in the South Caucasus 2018
Anastasiya Donets Yaroslav Mudriy National Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine Adjarian Autonomy and Its Implications for Georgian Security 2018
Julien Nappey University of Bradford, England, UK Georgia's Strategic Importance for NATO and Russia 2018
Daphne Molendijk Radboud University Nijmegen How Young IDPs from Abkhazia Identify Themselves 2018
Felix Wagner Bronx High School of Science European Union Association Agreement 2018
Alexander van der Wusten University of Bristol, UK English and Russian languages in Georgia 2018
Ayesha Hamza University of Denver Georgia-US and Georgia-Russian Relations, and EU/NATO Security Integration 2017
Julie Grandjean University of Brussels The 2008 Georgian and Russian war and the media coverage around the world 2017
Leyla Latypova Northeastern University Georgia's Nation Branding 2017
Zviad Adzinbaia The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University NATO's New Strategy in the Black Sea 2017
Alessandro Miotti Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR Human Rights (Rights of Ethnic Georgian IDPs Residing in Abkhazia) 2017
Kristina Kutateli Reed College De Facto States, Civil Wars, and Ethnic Mobilization 2017
Anastasiya Kochetkova The University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom Transformation of Georgian Foreign and Security Policy in Light of the Eastern Partnership 2017
Augustus Gilchrist Bowdoin College Language Policy and Ethnic Politics in the Former USSR 2017
Georgy Arziani Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) Institutional Development, Macrosociology 2017
Isabel Post McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) Georgian-Russian Relations 2017
Phillip Oravec University of Arkansas Democratic Development of Georgia 2017
Hilary A. Adams Fletcher School at Tufts University Security Sector Reform in the Former Soviet Union 2017
Jesse Edward Smith Scott Williams College, Williamstown, MA Relations of Georgia and Azerbaijan 2017
David Han Williams College, Williamstown, MA International Security 2017
Aisa Sahara Coric University of Gothenburg, Sweden Ethnic Politics, Integration of Armenian and Azeri Minorities 2017
Toni Michel Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow Political Science and International Relations 2017
Eric Mietz Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria NATO-Georgia Relations, Georgia-U.S. Relations 2017
Dinara Urazova Central European University Gender in Academic Institutions of Georgian Defense Structures 2016
Sesan Adeolu Adunuga Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University EU Policy, Migration 2016
Martynas Jankauskas The University of Edinburgh Georgia-EU relations, South Caucasus Region 2016
Victor Alexandri The University of Vienna Georgia EU Relation 2016
Alyssa Wilson Franklin University Georgian Politics in 2003-2012 2016
Lauren S. Benjamin Amherst College, Amherst, MA 2016
Alexander S. Dmitrich Utah State University Research in International Relations 2016
Jing Shi Tsinghua University Political Science/International Relations 2016
Jan Blinka Masaryk University 2016
Dan Breban King's College London, UK Eurasian Political Economy and Energy 2016
Hilary A. Adams Carleton College Political Science/International Relations 2016
Bennett Ian Clifford Wake Forest University Politics of the South Caucasus, and Georgia 2015
Ryan McCarrel University College Dublin NATO-Georgia relations 2015
Ulviyya Huseynova Centre International de Formation Europeenne (CIFE) Political science and international relations 2015
John Walsh Yonsei University, Underwood International College Georgian foreign policy 2015
Bruno Vandecasteele Ghent University, Centre for EU Studies Tangible results of the European Endowment for Democracy thus far for Georgia, prospects for Georgian-EU and Georgian-NATO cooperation/integration in the light of the crisis in Ukraine, the possible consequences of the launch of the Eurasian Economic Union for (economic, but also political) cooperation between the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU/Russia. 2015
Anran Wang Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Nationalism and ethnic politics 2015
Augusta Kalnikaite Siauliai University Political processes in Caucasus, mostly in Georgia 2015
Jared Skidmore Brigham Young University - Marriott School of Management Business dynamics on a global scale 2015
Nazrin Hamlet Hasanova Azerbaijan State Economic University International relations and economic relations 2015
Ondrej Zacha Masaryk University South Caucasus, topics of ethnic conflict, unrecognised states and democratization 2015
Bartlomiej Krzysztan University of Wroclaw Internal policy of Georgia and its place in international relations 2015
James Janison Brown University, Providence, RI Political, historical, and cultural factors involved with trade relations, security issues, and national identity throughout the former USSR 2015
Michael Jacobson Tufts University Medford, MA Cyber security 2015
Katelyn Marie Walker Georgetown University Foreign service: global politics and security 2015
Nina Petriashvili Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Development of post-Soviet countries, like Georgia in relation to the EU and NATO 2015
Dominik Feld Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Development of post-Soviet countries, like Georgia in relation to the EU and NATO 2015
Francesca Romana Bastianello Bologna University in partnership with Saint Petersburg State University, Corvinus University and Vytautas Magnus University Processes of democratization and Europeanization of Georgia 2014
Emily Knowles University of Edinburgh Differences between formal and informal relations between Tbilisi and citizens living in the territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia 2014
Amelie Langby Uppsala University What possible role foreign actors promoting democracy have played in the recent political development in Georgia 2014
Paulina Salek College of Europe, Belgium/Poland Political party institutionalisation in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine 2014
Helen E. Burns Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service Caucasus, tourism industry 2014
Esther Bartl Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) The impact of the conflict between Georgia and Russia on Georgia's relationship to NATO 2014
Natalie Anne Taylor Franklin University Switzerland South Caucasus region and security tensions over Russian relations with the South Caucasus 2014
Iakob Nikoleishvili University of St. Andrews War and peace in Caucasus 2014
April Gordon Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service Political dvelopment of post-Soviet states, social and political relationships with both Russia and the West 2014
Andrei Antonescu American University's School of International Studies Topics such as regional security, NATO and its future, the EU and its expansion and integration of new states 2014
Nora Bendziute University of Exeter Issues that Georgia and Caucasus region faces in the XXI century 2014
Wayne H. Noxchi Seton Hall University Caucasus 2014
Iris Molenaar Malmo University South Caucasus 2014
Stanislav Pidperygora Maastricht University Democratic changes and development in post-communist countries 2014
Anders Trelborg Aarhus University International Relations in Eastern Eruope and the Caucasus 2013
Tully Lanter Pepperdine University How economic and political reforms have enabled remarkable growth in Georgia 2013
William T. Szymanski Johns Hopkins University The South Caucasus, geopolitical and energy security 2013
Mikel Johannes Hubertus Venhovens University of Utrecht Conflict analysis 2013
Anzhelika Shiriyeva Ilia State University Security of Caucasus 2013
Anna Vlada Onoprienko The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg,VA Georgia as a regional experiment in democratic development and Georgia's ability to influence politics in its neighboring countries 2013
Mark Teramae San Francisco State University The South Caucasus, Georgia 2013
Lera Khubunaia University of Cincinnati Journalism 2013
Nino Kemoklidze The University of Birmingham Russian and East European studies 2013
Isabelle Langerak Durham University, United Kingdom South Caucasus region - security and development 2013
Mariam Begiashvili Ilia State University Georgia's foreign policy 2013
Markus Sattler University of Bremen Complex issues related to nationalism and economic transformation 2013
Salvatore Freni Jr. University of Birmingham Ethnic conflict in the development of nationalism in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia 2012
Mikolaj Czuba Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) in Torun, Poland Georgia, struggling for its place in western structures 2012
Leslie Jessen The George Washington University Politically and security relevant topics in the Caucasus region 2012
David M. Smythe Tufts University Former USSR, the challenges faced by people of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan 2012
Marat Iliyasov Vilnius University, Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences Geopolitical processes and security issues in the Caucasus 2012
Hilary A. Adams Carleton College South Caucasus region,challenges that Georgia faces in establishing its post-Soviet identity 2012
Maximilian F. M. Hess Franklin and Marshall College International Relations 2012
Eric Robert Eissler Malmo University in Cooperation with Roskilde University Georgia for 2012 2012
Wilder Bullard The George Washington University The relationship between fractured societies of the Former Soviet Union and political development and reconciliation 2012
Mariam Guniava Tinity University, San Antonio, Texas Political communication, policy analysis, sociological research 2012
Ekin Ozbakkaloglu Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service South Ossetian conflict and the role of the European Union as a conflict resolution actor 2012
Carina Steinberg University of Twente Netherlands How a Think Tank or a political organization works in practice 2012
Jamshid Masori University of Plymouth Democratic development in Georgia 2012
Mariam Tabatadze Connecticut College International relations and economics 2012
Sophie Alexandra Evekink University College London, University of London Politics/international relations and East European studies 2012
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