Community Youth Engagement in the Regions of Georgia

Overall Objective of the project- Community Youth Engagement in the regions of Georgia -  is to continue increasing resilience of the Georgian teens from vulnerable communities in religiously diverse regions, namely from Mountainous Adjara,  Khulo municipality and Samtskhe-Javakheti region (villages Adigeni, Mokhe and Zarzma) -with long history of tensions between the Muslim and Christian communities,  as well as youth from village Tserovani, youngsters residing across the ABL, representing IDPs from Samachablo.

Set of activities will continue to enhance capacity-building within youth, focus their interest on the values that support development of inclusive, tolerant and democratic society and assist their integration in into the Georgian State.  As a result, the cohort of 400 schoolchildren shall become better engaged and connected with government systems as well as other stakeholders, increase their knowledge on local and nationwide issues, work on specific local problems of their respective communities. The actions will develop a strong social platform for future participation of young people, empowering regional youngsters to raise their voice by providing them with a tribune where they can safely communicate their ideas and develop policies addressing local needs.

GFSIS will work closely with project beneficiaries through the series of lectures and training, quizzes, Summer School, visit to the capital and policy presentations. As well as organize and conduct Calculus training and contribute to preparation of the schoolchildren to admission to the Math School in Tbilisi. 

The project is being  implemented during fourteen months, starting from October, 2021 with the support of the US Embassy in Tbilisi.

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