Building Bridges: Deepening Cooperation between Communities in Adigeni Municipality

Starting from October 1, 2020, Rondeli Foundation is implementing a 10-month-long project – Building Bridges: Deepening Cooperation between Communities in Adigeni Municipality.

The project aims to work with high school students in Adigeni municipality to raise their awareness of local and national issues and empower them through informal education and activities. The roundtable discussions are also organized for the representatives of local and central governments, religious leaders, local stakeholders, and non-governmental organizations.

The project enables high school students to strengthen their knowledge on issues such as national security, democracy, civic activism, foreign policy of Georgia, NATO and the EU, Georgia-Russia relations, economics, public policy, entrepreneurship, media literacy, etc. The project encompasses familiarization and distribution of the Foundation’s youth journal “My World”. Rondeli Foundation will also organize quizzes based on articles provided in the journal. The winners will get special prizes and will take part in the trip to the capital Tbilisi at the end of the project. As a result, it is expected that the participating schoolchildren will acquire skills and knowledge for involving themselves in civic activism and for becoming successful citizens of a democratic state.

The roundtables aim to hold discussions between the representatives of local and central governments on issues of regional and national importance. The project includes a single roundtable in the capital Tbilisi with central government officials. These activities are expected to result in more efficient cooperation between regional and central governments. The round tables will encompass seminars on topics such as women’s issues, NATO and the EU, Georgia-Turkey relations, national security issues, etc. The project also promotes skill development in areas of policy analysis, advocacy, and negotiations.

The project is implemented by Rondeli Foundation and is supported by the U.S. Government.

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