Encouraging Policy Discussions with the Georgian Orthodox Church

Through the project Rondeli Foundation aims to promote increased awareness and understanding of Georgia’s political development among representatives of the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) as well as to foster informed, productive engagement between civil society and the GOC.

The two-year activities are comprised of series of the seminars and roundtable discussions led by subject-matter experts on domestic and foreign policy topics for approximately 350 regional representatives of the GOC. Together with organizing roundtables with the regional and Tbilisi-based clergy, Rondeli Foundation also hosts series of events for the students at Tbilisi-based seminaria/academia and other higher education institutions owned by the GOC. The invited guest-speakers, include high-ranking government officials, representatives of international community and expert society. The roundtable discussions provide a platform for the members of the clergy and experts of the field to exchange with the ideas and contribute to the healthy public policy process.

Series of activities are made possible through the renewed support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for a two-year program Encouraging Policy Discussions with the Georgian Orthodox Church. 

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